Thursday, July 2, 2015

G.E.N.E. launches production company "CTK & Affiliates"

   After seven years of preparation and planning; Melvin "G.E.N.E." Cotton III announces the official launch of his production company "CTK & Affiliates LLC". G.E.N.E. (aka God's Evangelist Neutralizing the Enemy) an Orlando based Christian hip-hop artist known for his musical talents has been using his gifts to edify the Kingdom of GOD since the age of fifteen as a freshman in high school. As a member and co-owner of Empowered Records he has traveled the southeast sharing the message and love of Jesus Christ through the art of music.

"I know GOD has placed more in me than just music, and He has required me to do more than just music. Every talent, every gift, every skill; I will use to Glorify and lift the name of Jesus Christ." G.E.N.E. says

   In 2008 during the summer of his junior year of college, GOD gave him a vision and idea of a production company that will allow him to utilize all of his talents and skills that complimented his music ministry. Over the next seven years he spent time gaining knowledge, learning, perfecting his craft and skills; all while acquiring his Bachelors degree in psychology and Masters degree in Business. He strategically planned and developed this production company with a tireless work ethic and consistent prayer.    

"I wanted to be very careful with my timing and not to jump out in front of GOD with this vision, but be spirit lead directed by Him when the timing was right and when He was ready for me to launch." G.E.N.E. says 

   In June of 2015, CTK & Affiliates launched; 
"Live, Work & Perform on a Higher level": A Faith based production company providing viewers with an experience that is entertaining, biblical and conducive for their spiritual growth. This company is founded on the principle and Bible scripture 1 Peter 2:9 with G.E.N.E.'s renowned message and slogan of "Christ The King". 

"Some may think Christ The King was just the title of my cd, but truthfully I have been saying (preaching) this message well before the lyrics of that cd were ever written. In college when I first began speaking Christ The King in my songs I had no idea that this saying would grow into a ministry and movement that GOD was developing in me. Back on my college campus, in the community's I was invited to minister/speak at; this message was being shared in hope that people/youth will be introduced to Jesus Christ and further grow a closer relationship with Him. G.E.N.E. says

    As he matured in his faith and walk with Christ, G.E.N.E. felt and realized that GOD wanted Him to do more in ministry beyond music; recognizing the need for content that will take audiences deeper in GOD's word after the songs on his CDs have ended. The mission of CTK & Affiliates is focused on the Three P principle: Party, Praise, Purpose: We Party because we are celebrating our new abundant life with Christ, we Praise God for this life and sending his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins, and we have Purpose, which is to be a witness for God spreading the message and love of Jesus Christ.” 

The company's first official event will take place this summer as CTK & Affiliates presents the
"2015 G.L.O.W Summit" in Palm Coast, FL; which was created, produced and will be hosted by G.E.N.E. This is a three day event packed youth conference with the purpose of drawing young people closer to GOD through a relationship with Jesus Christ; using education, entertainment and biblical principles to empower youth.

His words of advice are, "Allow no time to be time wasted. Every pitstop, every challenge you face are all opportunity's for you to learn, grow and prepare you for your purpose. Our responsibility is to allow no time we spend to be time wasted. Take full advantage of every phase in our journey to learn the necessary things we need in order to be successful; and most importantly continue to trust GOD, follow His lead and believe in the vision He gave you. Never doubt Him or yourself!" G.E.N.E. says

For more information on CTK & Affiliates and/or to learn more about G.E.N.E's music ministry visit:  or  email:

Also to register your youth for the "2015 G.L.O.W. Summit" youth conference visit:

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